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Why KinetiX?

Research tells us that foot orthoses exert a clinical benefit mechanically by changing how forces (Kinetics) pass through our feet.

KinetiX operates on the principle of utilising five unique designs, each with its distinct shape, to alter how forces are distributed across the plantar surface of the foot. These design variations play a crucial role in modifying the speed at which joints move and, consequently, the stresses exerted on soft tissues and joints within the foot and lower limb.

Each KinetiX model shape treats the most commonly occurring foot conditions. Our easy to use selection by condition and specification guides ensure you can quickly and easily assess and select the correct model for your patient on the same day – saving time, money and increasing patient satisfaction.

TalarMade has been a market leader in prefabricated foot orthoses / foot orthoses for over 30 years.

Our Approach

Educational programs and Prescription Guidelines developed to empower AHPs to use these insole types effectively

Clinicians prescribing KinetiX can use our easy-to-follow recommendation guide, which assist you in selecting the appropriate model. Click Here to view.

KinetiX products are not directly available for purchase by consumers or through online resellers. Access to KinetiX products is limited to specific healthcare professionals and medical facilities

3 Hardness Types

Differing levels of force are applied by choice of Insole hardness. Hard provides more force application whilst softer variants provide less.

Multiple Designs

Apply differing force patterns via multiple designs of insole range based on a competent assessment by an Allied Health Professional.

Evidence Based

Training curriculum will be offered to mitigate against any potential risks to end-user through potential inapporpriate dispensing.

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